Brazilian Law Firm

Most of the foreign migrants who are settled in Brazil or Brazilians settled out of the country face many types of legal issues. Thus Botinha and Cabral had set a Brazilian law firm to help all the foreigners or Brazilians settled out of the country if facing any legal issues in Brazil or out of it. They deal with all kind of legal issues such as visas for foreigners, child kidnapping, digital law, legal documentation, international divorces, child adoption, setting up a business in Brazil, investments in the foreign market, international tax and corporate planning, citizenship, travel permits, and all other legal issues can be solved with the help of lawerinbrazil.

The Brazilian law firm handles international family law such as to ratify the foreign judgment, child or adult adoption approval, the Hague convention and international kidnapping of children, international divorces or homologation of divorces, obtaining and rectifying documents, providing travel permits, etc. The Botinha and Cabral law firm also handles foreigners visas such as investment visas, family reunion visas, work visas, and other types of visas. Lawerinbrazil helps people in the country and out of the country facing any legal issues related to the laws of Brazil.


If you want to start a business in Brazil and require any legal consultations regarding it, Brazilian law firm will help you out. Any kind of legal issues regarding opening companies in Brazil, any legal consultation of foreign products and services, any legal issues relating import and export of goods and services, or if any company needs to hire a lawyer to handle their legal issues it can also be provided by the Botinha and Cabral law firm.

This Brazilian law firm provides special assistance to digital businesses performed in Brazil, with huge experience in digital law from civil and criminal liability to virtual taxation. They not only support national entrepreneurship on the internet but the team of lawyers also handles the international legal aspects of the internet. They not only focus on real legal issues but they also solve it digitally.  The Botinha and Cabral law firm is an overall platform that will solve all your legal issues and will make you understand all the consequences and solutions related to it.